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        There are many who frequently complain of gaseous distention of the abdomen. They may take home remedies not only for quick relief but also as a long-term treatment to improve digestion and decrease gas formation.

    Home remedies for general ailments, the natural and ayurvedic way!

    This is simple home remedy for gas> - A garlic a day to keep gas away. Every morning on an empty stomach one can religiously take two garlic cloves crushed in ' Bengal gram' water to keep flatulence under control. This will help in reducing gas.>

How to get rid of gas - Getting rid of gas by using Garlic soup

        This remedy is one of the good home remedy for gas - Garlic soup> is one of the best remedies to decrease intestinal gas and to increase digestive power. It is a recognized home remedy for flatulence due to any cause-overeating, poor digestive capacity, lack of appetite and excess of gas after prolonged illness, in the pest delivery period or when suffering from chronic intestinal problems.

        Here is an easy way to make garlic soup. Grind a few garlic with a little cumin, a few black pepper seeds and some coriander seeds. Mix in about six ounces of water and bring to boil. Take this in two doses. If you are one who does not like the smell of garlic, there are various other alternatives. This is beneficial for the treatment for gas.>

Home Remedies and Cures for gas

        This isnatural remedy for gas - Digestive powders and pills are very popular in many Indian homes. Even young children who have overeaten are given chooran pills to digest what has gone in. This practice is more common especially among the North Indians who take plenty of fried food as a matter of routine. There is a common fear among most Indians that a heavy stomach could lead to various other problems-frequent headaches, biliousness, chest pain and stiffness of the joints. Hence this excessive concern about keeping the stomach light with digestive choorans. Most chooran powders and pills are various combinations of common spices used daily in cooking to add flavor and taste to food. We have already noted the composition of the popularly known ashta-chooran. One or two tiny pieces of asafetida dissolved in half a cup of water makes a useful drink to decrease gas. Asafetida is a well-recognized carminative, antispasmodic and antiflatulent. This will give relief from gas.

        This is one of the effective herbal home remedy for gas. It is a commonly used spice that is added to heavy, rich lentils, or chutney to help digestion. Just as some are averse to the smell and taste of garlic there are others who cannot stand the pungent flavor and taste of asafetida. This will help in controlling gas.

Home remedies for gas - How cumin is useful in gas?

        This is one of the effective herbal home remedy for gas - For such people a preparation of cumin will do as well. Take a teaspoonful of cumin, put it in a pan and roast till red. Then add about two cups of water and boil the water for five to ten minutes till the essence of cumin blends into the water and the boiling water is reduced to one cup. This decoction taken once a day decreases flatulence without over irritating the stomach. It is easy to make-try ii-instead of swallowing enzyme tablets. This will help in treating gas.

Gas herbal home remedy- uses of ajwain in gas

        This is very popular home remedy used for gas> - Ajwain> is also used for its antiflatulent properties. like the cumin decoction, a decoction with ajwain also can be made. The decoction could be taken as such or to it could be added a few pieces of pineapple if easily available. Let the pieces soak overnight in the decoction. In the morning squeeze the pineapple pieces and extract all its essence into the decoction. Filter and take the drink as a remedy for excessive gas. The ripe pineapple contains the digestive ferment bromehn which, is closely related to the enzyme trypsin naturally occurring in the stomach. This ferment helps in digestion and reduces flatulence. As pineapple has abortifacient properties, pregnant women should avoid the mentioned home remedy. This will help in reducing gas.

Natural home remedy for Gas - diet tips

        This is simple home remedy for gas >- For those who are lazy to prepare elaborate home remedies here is a quick recipe-crush a few grains of fenugreek> seeds> and lick> it with a pinch or two of sonchal which is a pink variety of naturally occurring rock salt. This salt is popular all over India . A quarter teaspoonful of this salt dissolved in a glass of water and taken on an empty stomach in the morning acts as a carminative and decreases wind formation. Boil in dilute milk two small pieces of dry ginger. To it add a pinch of rock salt and take the drink warm at bedtime. In the morning one feels light and hungry. This will completely remove gas.

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