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12 Tips to Quit Smoking


Quitting is hard. Smokers often say, “Don’t tell me why to quit, tell me how. “But then, there is no one right way to quit, though there are some key guidelines to help in quitting smoking successfully.

Believe that making the decision to quit smoking is right .

The Health Belief Model, a psychological model used to treat and predict general health behaviours, says that you will be more likely to stop tobacco use if you:

  • Believe that you could contract a tobacco-related disease, and that worries you
  • Believe that you can make an honest attempt at quitting
  • Believe that the benefits of quitting outweigh the benefits of continuing
  • Know of someone who has had health problems as a result of their tobacco use

Get ready

Once you’ve made the decision to quit, you’re ready to pick a quit date. This is a very important step. Pick a specific day as your “Quit Day.” For instance, you could set a quit date 2 to 4 weeks from now so you’ll have time to get ready. Now gear up to the day you will be rid of your habit. Get rid of ALL cigarettes and ashtrays in your home, car and place of work. Don’t let people smoke in your home. Review your past attempts to quit. Think about what worked and what did not. Practice saying, “No thank you I don’t smoke.”

Get support and encouragement

You have a better chance of being successful if you have help. Tell your family, friends and coworkers that you are going to quit. Ask them not to smoke around you or leave cigarettes out where you can see them.

Get medication and use it correctly

Medicines such as Bupropion help some people stop smoking. These medicines do not contain nicotine, but help you resist your urge to smoke.

Keep trying

Be prepared for relapse. Don’t be discouraged if you start smoking again, Remember, most people try several times before they finally quit. Here are some difficult situations to watch out for:
  • Alcohol – Avoid drinking alcohol. Drinking lowers your chances of success.
  • Other smokers – Being around smokers can make your want to smoke.
  • Bad mood or depression – There are many ways to elevate your mood other than resorting to smoking.

Try nicotine substitutes

When you light up, it is only the nicotine that gives you the kick, the rest of the smoke causes damage. Actually, nicotine is not one of the cancer causing agents, it’s simply the reason you crave a cigarette. So you could consider nicotine replacement products as ways to take in the nicotine without the rest of the cancer causing chemicals in cigarette smoke. These products come in several forms: gum, patch, nasal spray, inhaler and lozenges.

Try alternatives

Use oral substitutes such as sugarless gum or hard candy, raw vegetables such as Carrot sticks. Chewing or munching alternatives can help keep your mouth busy.

Alter your habits

Switch to fruit juices or water instead of alcohol or coffee. Take a different route to work. Take a brisk walk instead of a coffee break.


People and places where your are tempted to smoke. Most people have favorite corners where they hang out with ‘smoking partners’. Avoiding these until later on, when you will be able to handle them with more confidence, is a good idea.

Try deep breathing

When you were smoking, you breathed deeply as you inhaled the smoke. When the urge strikes now, breathe deeply and picture your lungs filling with fresh, clean air. Remind yourself of your reasons for quitting and the benefits you’ll gain as an ex-smoker.


If you feel that you are about to light up, delay. Tell yourself you must wait at Least 10 minutes. Often this simple trick will allow you to move beyond the strong. Urge to smoke.

Ensure that you stay quit

May be you too, like so many other smokers, have quit many times before. You Can use the same methods to stay quit as you did earlier to help you through with- drawal. More dangerous, perhaps, are the unexpected strong desires to smoke that occur sometimes months ( or even years) after you’ve quit.

To get through these without relapse, try the following:
  • Review your reasons for quitting and think of all the benefits to your health, your finances and your family.
  • Remind yourself that there is no such thing as just one cigarette or even one puff.
  • Ride out the desire. It will go away, but do not fool yourself into thinking you can have just one.
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